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Partnered Programs

Partnered Programs

Let the power of Jewish thinking enrich your life.

Spend five days of learning and discovery with master Torah teachers. Explore new ideas and expand your horizons in an open, embracing environment.

Relax, reflect, and refresh your spirit in a luxurious setting. Meet new friends and experience meaningful Jewish living.
Net helps people like you take time out of a busy workweek to explore their Judaism.

Professionals, students, and homemakers of every age and background use JNet to study the weekly Parsha, discuss the history of Judaism, analyze the Talmud, and discover Kabbalah's spirituality and man's purpose on earth.

What will you learn with JNet?

Tell us about your interests, your familiarity and your availability and we'll pair you with a volunteer phone-study partner for a journey of inspiring study, stimulating discussion and exhilarating growth.
March 23 - April 1, 2014
21 Adar 2 - 1 Nissan, 5774

Launched after JLI’s groundbreaking course on our unique connection to the land of Israel,
JLI is proud to offer our third mission to the holy land, The Land and the Spirit.
The Online Hebrew School provides your child with a comprehensive Hebrew school education no matter where you are located.