Dear friends,

Our home, the land of Israel, is so close to our hearts. It is always in need of our love and most importantly our support on every level possible.

Below you will see our small, but impactful efforts, to stand together with our brothers and sisters.

Through the projects of JTEENS, Women Unite for Israel in Song annual event, our supporters and our corporate sponsors, we are able to make a difference.

Scroll down below and have nachas of what YOU have been a part of.

Praying for peace in the holy land & around the world

Asher Hecht

• • • •

IDF Golani unit thanks YOU for $6500 raised by the Women's Concert 2014

Golani Jteens Letter.jpg

Chayal to Chayal- Soldier to Soldier organization
says thank YOU for helping to bring holiday joy
to 3000 soldiers.


IDF Paratrooper Unit says thank YOU
for the new 'camel-back-canteens'


IDF lone soldiers thank YOU video


Continue to be a part of this amazing work and join us at our women's concert this Sunday.

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Thank you again to our event sponsors and corporate sponsors