Please help our vital work flourish and bid generously in our Yom Kippur auction.

  • Below is a list of Yom Kippur honors and their opening bids
  • Honors may be bought for someone else you wish to honor
  • Online auction ends Tuesday, October 8th 2:00pm
  • Each bid must be at least $50 more then last bid  

    About The Honors
    1."It is a great mitzvah to buy the honor of holding the first of the Torah scrolls taken from the Ark before Kol Nidrei" -The Yom kippur Machzor
    2."This honor is a meritorious channel for wealth and power of repentance" - The Rebbes of Chabad
Yom Kippur
Honor Current Bid Your Bid
Holding The First Torah Scroll at Kol Nidrei $1200
Maftir Yona $1800
Opening Ark for Neilah - Hal Hoffman $1200
Weekly Meshberach Prayer for the Israeli Soldiers $1200
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Your card will only be charged if your bid is the highest when auction ends Tuesday 2:00pm. Checks can be mailed to Chabad RGV 601 W Dove Ave • Mcallen, TX 78504

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